Field Rules

Please find below information regarding the rules and terms & conditions of using our exclusive dog walking fields.

Dogs Sitting Down
Dog Sitting in Vehicle

Terms & Conditions


Please ensure you comply with the following rules and terms. Field visitors do so at their own risk and South Lodge Meadows will not be responsible for any incidents within the fields. Vehicles and contents are left at the owner’s risk.


Entering & Departing Fields:


Please do not arrive more than 5 mins before your appointment. On arrival please wait in the designated waiting bay until the previous walker has left.

  • Please make sure the dog walking field gate is closed and secure immediately upon entering and leaving the fields.
  • You are not permitted to exercise your dog outside of the secure field.
  • Ensure the dog walking field gate is shut securely when entering and departing from the field.
  • An adult must supervise any children at all times.
  • Fencing, gates and agility equipment should not be climbed on.
  • Your dog(s) should be returned to your vehicle 5 minutes prior to the conclusion of your time slot.
  • Should any problems arise please contact South Lodge Meadows.
  • CCTV  is in operation 24hrs a day
  • All trainers/Dog walkers MUST provide an up to date certificate of insurance before booking


Poop Policy:


At South Lodge Meadows we have a scoop your own poop policy. You must bring your own biodegradable poop bags and put these bags in the waste bin located on-site. Due to the nature of the fields, it is possible you might not see where your dog has pooped. If you happen to come across a poo that someone has missed please pick it up to ensure we keep the fields in a tidy state.




You should not leave litter anywhere, please take it home to dispose of. Place all dog waste in the bin located in the car park.




Any dog in the fields must be wormed and have all vaccinations up-to-date. Do not bring your dog if they are exhibiting any signs of illness. Your dog(s) are to be supervised at all times. A minimum of two handlers are required if bringing more than 8 dogs.


Cancellation Policy:


No extensions or refunds are permitted for late arrivals to the fields and/or if you are unable to attend due to dog illness. Additionally, no refunds are provided for a no-show to a session booking. You can re schedule yourself online using your email confirmation so long as it is no later than 24hrs before your appointment is due. South Lodge Meadows reserve the right to shut the fields at any time, for which a full refund will be provided. Cancellation will be communicated to the field user/booker.


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